From survival to revival: Mapping the road to a better future

COVID-19 attacked not just the body but the mind as well. The stress of losing a job, loneliness brought on by extended isolation, depression resulting from a friend or loved one’s death, fear of becoming infected with the virus and Read More »

July 30th, 2021|Announcements, COVID-19|

Experts discuss increased cases, breakthrough infections, masking mandates and vaccine requirements

COVID-19 continues to keep us on our toes, as the country now faces increased cases and hospitalizations, breakthrough infections, new masking mandates and vaccine requirements. Keck Medicine of USC experts weigh in on the latest developments and Read More »

July 29th, 2021|Announcements, COVID-19, Keck Net Intranet|

Tokyo Olympics take center stage amid global uncertainty

Athletes are hoping to achieve their dreams in Tokyo at a fragile time in human history: COVID-19 has taken another turn with a rise in delta variant cases around the world, particularly in India, the United Kingdom and the United Read More »

July 29th, 2021|Announcements, COVID-19, Keck Net Intranet|

Ostrow researcher investigates environmental pollution’s contribution to birth defects

Nearly 120,000 babies will be born with birth defects this year. 

While there are a number of causes — genetics and chromosomal issues, infections during pregnancy, maternal malnutrition and exposure to certain medicines, illicit drugs and alcohol — one well-documented Read More »

July 27th, 2021|Announcements|

Keck Medicine of USC ranked in most-ever specialties by U.S. News & World Report for 2021-22

Keck Medicine of USC has been recognized as being among the top hospitals in the nation for a record number of specialties by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals. The rankings, which consider overall patient care as well as Read More »

July 26th, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|