Patients and staff will have an easier time finding their way around the Health Sciences Campus thanks to new signs now posted at certain clinical building entrances. Healthcare Centers 1 and 4, the Willametta Keck Day Healthcare Center (aka HC2) and Norris Healthcare Center (aka HC3) now bear these clear markers.

Instead of relying on building addresses, patients making appointments will be informed of the building number, which — for each building — is visible from the street as well as various points of entry around the medical center.

“This new numbering system will make the way we have identified buildings internally consistent with how we communicate those locations with patients,” said Laurie Johnson, Keck Medicine of USC’s chief ambulatory officer. “Making it easier for patients to find their way around campus is one more way we can show how important it is to provide patients the best experience possible when they come to us for care.”

Healthcare Center 1, at 1510 San Pablo St., now has a “1” on the columns at the building entrance next to the fountain roundabout. The Willametta Keck Day Healthcare Center, at 1520 San Pablo St., has a “2” along the entryway columns by the valet stand. Norris Healthcare Center, at 1516 San Pablo St., is identified with a “3” visible from several walkways and from the hospital parking structure. And Healthcare Center 4, at 1450 San Pablo St., has a “4” visible from the windows and columns near all entry points.

— Melissa Masatani

The building at 1510 San Pablo St. has a number 1 on the columns at the entrance to the structure. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

The Willametta Keck Day Healthcare Center, also known as HC2, has the number 2 along the columns leading to the entrance of the building from the valet stand. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

Norris Healthcare Center has a number 3 visible from the entrance, as well as on the other side of the building visible from the parking structure entrance. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

The building at 1450 San Pablo St. has a number 4 above one entrance to the building, as well as a column with the number 4 at the side entrance near the Keck Hospital valet stand. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)