COVID-19 vaccination mandates for employees and students are effective tool against virus spread

While two-thirds of the U.S. adult population has received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, vaccination rates remain highly variable across, and within, states. This is of increasing concern as communities reopen and more contagious variants of the virus spread, Read More »

July 22nd, 2021|Announcements, COVID-19, Keck Net Intranet|

Top scientists and research institutions propose improvements to cell- and gene-based therapy development

Scientists around the world are achieving significant advances in the fight against devastating diseases like cancer, severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) disorder and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) thanks to leading-edge cell- and gene-based therapies. But numerous obstacles to progress could slow Read More »

July 22nd, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

USC updates masking requirements for all in July 15 memo

In alignment with the LA County Department of Public Health Public Health Officer Order announced July 15, USC is now requiring masking indoors Read More »

July 21st, 2021|Announcements, COVID-19, Keck Net Intranet|

Keck Medicine of USC shares $3M grant to advance at-home health care technology

Keck Medicine of USC is working with Caltech, the University of Arizona, and Baylor College of Medicine to bring wearable fitness device data into the clinical space.

Health monitoring devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch have become common in recent Read More »

July 21st, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Could mapping tiny hairlike structures help treat lung illnesses?

Cilia, microscopic hairlike structures found along the bronchi (air passages throughout the lungs), are the first line of defense against environmental pollutants, viruses and bacteria. But we know little about how they are arranged, how they move or even how Read More »

July 20th, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|