From Nov. 4-8, Keck Medical Center of USC will conduct Klean Keck, a five-day fall cleaning event.

During this period, hospital leadership and staff will work side-by-side to get rid of clutter and expired items in the hospital and clinics. This will further enable Keck Medical Center to continue delivery of quality, safe and patient-centric care, while engaging staff and improving teamwork and collaboration. This also will be an opportunity to do a deep clean of the house and take care of facilities issues.

While keeping the work place in great shape is a daily priority, Klean Keck will maximize the effectiveness of these efforts. Facilities and environmental services will increase their support to address immediate repair and cleaning needs in a timely manner. A central location will be set up to collect extra inventory items to be used by other departments or donated. The five days of Klean Keck also will include prizes to celebrate the most engaged teams.

“Our environment of care is a key contributor to our reputation and is perceived by many as a reflection of our quality,” said Rod Hanners, COO of Keck Medicine of USC and CEO of Keck Medical Center. “Our goal for Klean Keck is to create a safer and more welcoming environment for our patients and their families.”

— Virginia Baca