Win May, MD, PhD, professor of clinical medical education (educational scholar) at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, recently was admitted as an honorary fellow to the Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP London). Of the five honorary fellows, May was the only woman. The honor was bestowed upon her at a fellowship admission ceremony in London on Sept. 26.

May, who earned her PhD in medical education from USC, long has been an advocate for the advancement of education for physicians and other health professionals around the world. She was the founding dean of the Institute of Nursing in Yangon, Myanmar, and was the first woman to hold a deanship at a medical institution in Myanmar. As a member of the World Health Organization, she was responsible for the development of curricula in many countries.

The Royal College of Physicians of London is an independent, patient-centered, clinically led organization with a core mission to drive improvements in health care through advocacy, education and research around the world. Eighteen percent of the membership of the RCP London are located outside of the United Kingdom, in more than 80 countries. It was founded in 1518.

— Amanda Busick