New USC physician Vladimir Ayvazyan brings his internal medicine expertise to USC Student Health as its newest physician.

His compassion for helping others and giving back to the community is what inspired him to be a doctor. Disease prevention and treating chronic illnesses are his interests in caring for the university’s student population.

“I look forward to helping students prevent problems early on so that they can get a handle on an already existing chronic condition or prevent a disease from progressing and getting worse as they age,” said Ayvazyan, who is board certified in internal medicine and received his medical degree from Ross University, Dominica.

Ayvazyan’s goal for his patients with more complicated chronic conditions is to make sure he’s helping to manage their conditions very closely. Regular, ongoing follow-up appointments with him will be available so they can stay in his care on campus.

“I am here to give students the extra guidance and reassurance they need,” he said.

As an avid swimmer himself who enjoys the stress relief and fun it provides, Ayvazyan believes in a fine life balance for an individual’s overall health and wellness, including diet, exercise, schoolwork and time with family and friends.

“I like to teach my patients that they will excel with balance in their life,” he said.

— Heidi Ried-Gonzaga