Keck Medicine of USC is launching a new campaign that further evolves the meaning of the organization’s tagline, Beyond Exceptional Medicine.

Created to express the brand voice, The Keck Effect showcases the positive outcomes for both health care consumers and referring physicians. The intent of the campaign is to position Keck Medicine of USC as the gold standard in specialty and sub-specialty care — treating the world’s most complex cases, said Shawn Sheffield, MBA, MHA, chief strategy and business development officer for Keck Medicine of USC.

“Think of The Keck Effect as the result of Keck’s approach to care,” Sheffield said. “The Keck Effect is the benefit that patients or referring physicians derive when Keck Medicine of USC physicians, researchers, faculty and experts unite around research, teaching and clinical care. As a result of this approach, patients get more access to more experts, more treatment options and more innovative surgical therapies.”

In advertisements, better clinical outcomes are expressed as allowing an individual patient to enjoy more celebrations, more family time and more of what matters most to them. For referring physicians, The Keck Effect can be expressed as more resources, more treatment options and more positive outcomes.

“You’ll see (and hear) this campaign across various media, including print ads in local publications, online advertisements, billboards and radio spots,” said Jeana Rettig, executive director of clinical marketing for Keck Medicine of USC.

For an ambulatory ad, “more access to more experts” informs potential patients that their nearby ambulatory clinic connects with the broad expertise of specialists across the Keck Medicine of USC system.

When applied to less promotional cases, such as press releases or items in news releases, Rettig said the idea of The Keck Effect will be more subtle, woven into the narrative by noting, for example, how Keck Medicine of USC integrates research, teaching and clinical expertise to deliver exceptional care.