Dozens of the smallest superheroes and villains joined miniature professionals and spooky skeletons to invade the Health Sciences Campus on Oct. 31, for the annual Halloween Parade. The children trekked through Keck Hospital of USC and visited USC Norris Cancer Hospital before taking a rest at Pappas Quad.

Andrew MacKay, right, and Adrienne MacKay, in orange, smile with their children Lucy MacKay (8), Zack MacKay (5), Emme MacKay (2) and Nathan MacKay (2). (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

Allison Orechwa, right, and Adelaide Orechwa pause after collecting candy. (Photo/Ricardo Carrasco III)

Tomer Mendelson, left, and Gil Shlamovitz carry astronauts Maya Shlamovitz Mendelson (3.5) and Ben Shlamovitz Mendelson (3.5).