Most undergraduates in the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention course are on the pre-med track, so they mostly focus on science as they pursue careers in the health care industry. Yet David Black, PhD, associate professor at the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences,  believes there is an opportunity for classes like his to cross disciplines with art schools at USC.

Black includes experiential learning in each of his classes, and his module on ‘behavior repertoire,’ explores the movements that professional dancers must perform. He reached out to Jesus ‘Jay’ Fuentes, a highly accomplished professional dancer and lecturer at USC Glorya Kauffman School of Dance, who teaches one of USC’s most popular classes — International Style Ballroom Dance.

Fuentes taught Black’s students a simple, foundational move that all professional dancers must learn early on. The firsthand dance experience the students gained reinforced the lesson that even for professional athletes and performers, teaching their bodies new ways to move is not always simple.

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