On Jan. 23, 2021, Keck Medicine of USC opened up 300 slots for the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to the 65-and-older family members of Environmental Health Services employees and cafeteria workers.

Keck Medicine has been increasing efforts to raise vaccination access to the predominantly Latino communities around the Health Sciences Campus. Given the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Latino and African American communities, efforts to quickly vaccinate these high-risk community members are incredibly important.

“We are all reading of the challenges L.A. County faces to get the vaccines rolled out,” said Smitha Ravipudi, MPH, CEO of USC Care and Ambulatory Care Services. “It is a significant undertaking, one that has come with daily, if not hourly hurdles. The nation is facing this same struggle. All of you took this head on and made it your selfless mission to make the impossible, possible. While so many sit behind the scenes, working long hours, often through the night… please know that we know who you are, feel your commitment shine through, and are so unbelievably grateful.”

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Keck Medicine vaccinates EVS employees' family members ages 65+