The vision for the forthcoming USC Norris Healthcare Consultation Center is simple, according to Stephen Gruber, MD, MPH, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Director — a place where research, clinical care and education all converge under the same roof.

To help achieve that vision, the United Cancer Research Society (UCRS) has made a pledge of $5 million to name the ground floor of the new building. UCRS board members made a visit to the Health Sciences Campus on Mar. 31 to celebrate the pledge and see the new building site.

“Now that we’re able to expand our campus with this new space, it gives us an exceptional opportunity to deliver more fully multidisciplinary care,” said Gruber, during his time with the UCRS board members. “It really brings our campus together in a united way, and allows us to provide that unique ‘Norris touch.’ We’re working to make cancer a disease of the past through integration of research, clinical care and education in a way that promotes personalized patient care — not just personalized medicine, but also that personal touch through our dedicated staff.”

UCRS’ past support of USC Norris has included funding the second floor of the Norman Topping Tower and the clinical pathology lab named in memory of Lela Selby, a founding member of UCRS. The society has also underwritten several fundraising events in support of cancer research at USC Norris.

UCRS was founded in 1973 to raise funds for cancer research at cancer research institutions. The society solicits donors, who help achieve the mission of playing a significant role in the elimination of cancer from the human condition.

“It helps us with our existing donors and prospects to be able to present this specific, wonderful opportunity to them rather than general cancer research,” said Bob Earhart, UCRS board member. “We really feel privileged to resume our partnership with USC Norris in a more active way. It gives us something to go out and have passion about with our prospects and donors.”

By Amy E. Hamaker