USC researchers discover biomarkers to help prevent failure after tissue transplants

By Josh Grossberg

Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have found a way to identify patients who may be susceptible to certain complications while recovering from large wounds and complicated reconstructive surgeries. The team’s findings have been published in August in the Public Library of Science’s online publication PLOS ONE.

The team, led by Alex Wong, MD, assistant professor of clinical surgery at the Keck School, discovered five genetic biomarkers that can identify patients who could be susceptible to vein failure after receiving “flaps.” Flaps are tissues that are teeming with tiny blood vessels, which can be moved from one part of the body to another to help the healing process. Read More »

August 30th, 2013|Announcements|

Practice makes perfect at Surgical Simulation Center

By Josh Grossberg

Becoming a doctor requires years of attending lectures, watching PowerPoint presentations and reading stacks of thick textbooks filled with charts and graphs.

But at some point, young students and physician residents at Los Angeles County + USC will have to put down the heavy tomes and pick up a scalpel or a needle holder to begin the work of helping to make patients better.

To help them reach that goal as skillfully as possible, the Department of Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC provides them with a variety of simulation options to teach procedural based skills. This provides the opportunity to practice — and practice some more — before they ever touch a patient. Now, students and young physicians can hone their skills in an environment that is safe, but also real enough to mimic the stress of a real-life situation. Read More »

August 9th, 2013|Announcements|

Cutting-edge surgery

The USC Institute of Urology hosted “L.A. Live—International Robotic and Open Live Surgery Symposium,” which attracted more than more than 240 physicians to the Aresty Auditorium from May 1-2. A roster of 40 renowned international surgeons served as speakers and moderators for the event, which featured 10 live robot-assisted and open surgeries. The event was designed to help improve robotic skills for all levels of surgeons. Read More »

May 10th, 2013|Announcements|