Common genetic disease linked to father’s age

By Robert Perkins

Scientists at USC have unlocked the mystery of why new cases of the genetic disease Noonan Syndrome are so common: a mutation that causes the disease disproportionately increases a normal father’s production of sperm carrying the disease trait.

When this Noonan syndrome mutation arises in a normal sperm stem cell, it makes that cell more likely to reproduce itself than stem cells lacking the mutation. The father then is more likely to have an affected child because more mutant stem cells result in more mutant sperm. The longer the man waits to have children the greater the chance of having a child with Noonan syndrome. Read More »

June 24th, 2013|Announcements|

Keck School alumnus Mitchell Lew named USC trustee

By Annette Moore

Mitchell W. Lew Photo/Dietmar Quistdorf Mitchell W. Lew
Photo/Dietmar Quistdorf

Physician, health care entrepreneur and longtime USC volunteer Mitchell W. Lew has been elected to the USC Board of Trustees. Lew is CEO of Prospect Medical Systems, an independent physician association with a network of primary care physicians, specialists and affiliated hospitals throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties.

In May 2012, Lew became the first Asian-American president of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors. Previously, he served as president of the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA) from 2009 to 2011. Read More »

June 21st, 2013|Announcements|