A story in the August 2013 edition of Los Angeles magazine quoted Jessica Wu, MD, clinical instructor in medicine-dermatology at the Keck School of Medicine, about airbrushed spray tans and sun exposure. “We don’t know what amount of sun is safe to get — if you’re someone with a history of melanoma, I’d say none and get your vitamin D through a supplement,” Wu said.

A July 21 article in the Los Angeles Times mentioned USC acquiring the Laboratory for Neuro Imaging (LONI), led by Arthur Toga, PhD, and Paul Thompson, PhD, who are joining USC along with 100 faculty, staff members and students from the LONI this fall.

A July 18 article in The Downey Patriot quoted Nerses Sanossian, MD, assistant professor of clinical neurology at the Keck School of Medicine, about stroke prevention. “The total cost of stroke-related medical cost and disability in the United States is approximately $57 billion each year,” Sanossian said. “The tragedy is that 80 percent of these strokes could have been avoided if people had just changed their lifestyle to avoid the factors that put them at a high risk for stroke.”

A July 16 broadcast on KNX 1070 Newsradio featured an interview with Tom Jackiewicz, MPH, senior vice president and CEO of USC Health, about USC’s purchase of Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale. “It’s an exciting partnership for both organizations where our goal is really to leverage the strengths of both organizations to really expand the world-class health care in the Foothill communities,” Jackiewicz said. The purchase was also covered by City News Service and noted by Kaiser Health News and the Physicians News Network.

A June 19 broadcast on Mundo Fox’s “¿Verdad o Mentira” featured an interview with Rolando Valenzuela, international emergency medicine fellow at the Keck School of Medicine, about the health consequences of anabolic steroid abuse. Mundo Fox also featured Valenzuela in a separate discussion on whether marijuana should be considered medicine rather than illicit drug.