Erin Jones, MD, USC Student Health’s new adolescent and young adult physician, has been on campus less than a month, but she already feels at home.

After earning her MD from Boston University School of Medicine, Jones completed her residency as chief resident at the University of Maryland Medical System.

“I did my residency in Baltimore, which has a young population, and I was inspired by working with young adults to improve their well-being and positively impact their health into later adulthood,” said Jones, clinical assistant professor of family medicine (practitioner) at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. “At this age, they’re developing their first personal and health habits that they’ll carry through life.”

She joins USC most recently from the University of California, San Francisco, where she completed a two-year fellowship in adolescent and young adult medicine.

At UCSF, Jones cared for a wide range of student health needs, from birth control to eating disorders, and substance abuse to transgender gender-affirming hormone treatment.

“Some of our students might be nervous about coming to us,” Jones said. “But they should know we’re always here to help and to be a sounding board for them.”


USC Student Health doctor has advice for new students

Jones said one piece of health advice she gives to new students is to “never underestimate what rest can do for your health. During this exciting transition of starting college, I encourage students to make sure they’re getting enough rest and taking care of themselves.”

Born in Jacksonville, Fla., Jones developed a commitment to service in urban Baltimore. Her volunteer health screenings, education and mentorship in the community earned her the University of Maryland’s Community Service Resident of the Year Award. She continued this work when she moved to the Bay Area.

“I worked with Oakland Public Schools on literacy campaigns, and I mentored young girls on the weekends, exposing them to new environments and challenges and giving them a professional female role model,” she said. “I’m really passionate about mentorship, and I’m hoping to continue these projects here in L.A.”

Jones, who describes herself as bookish and “always reading in between patients,” said she made the move to Los Angeles after getting engaged to her fiancé, a psychiatrist at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk.

She looks forward to continuing to get to know her new home, USC students and the greater community as she settles in.

“The transition to USC has been awesome,” Jones said. “My No. 1 hobby right now is learning Los Angeles.”

— Andrea Bennett