Keck Medicine of USC has launched its COVID Recovery Clinic, a multidisciplinary program led by a core team of clinicians specializing in primary care, pulmonology and physical therapy. These experts evaluate patients, then refer them to the Keck Medicine specialists best suited for their needs. These clinicians can include physical and occupational therapists, behavioral health specialists, cardiologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, social workers and more.

The evaluation team works together — simultaneously seeing patients in one visit if needed — to create a comprehensive initial workup while partnering with a nurse navigator to implement each patient’s personalized treatment plan.

“Given the extremely high number of people experiencing lingering and disruptive symptoms, we need to find ways to help patients get back to functioning in their lives,” said Caitlin McAuley, DO, family medicine physician with Keck Medicine and a specialist who works with long COVID-19 patients. “As an academic medical center, Keck Medicine is dedicated to learning all we can about long COVID-19 to improve treatment options so we can provide our patients with the care they need and deserve.”

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