In light of Keck Medicine of USC’s recent growth, the Marketing team has released a brand education video and a quick-reference tip sheet for all current employees, future hires, and new partners.

The new resources each serve a unique purpose. The introductory video provides an overview of current brand guidelines for Keck Medicine, showing how they relate to the university identity and why they are important to the growth of the health system. The downloadable tip sheet provides an easy reference for rules and recommendations for logos, names and design.

These new materials show that branding is more than just logos and billboards. It encompasses consistent colors, imagery, wording and theme or voice, all working together to build a positive perception of an organization.

“Keck Medicine’s brand reflects our shared commitment to providing a high quality experience to our patients while serving our surrounding communities,” said Jeanna Rettig, chief marketing and communications officer for Keck Medicine. “Each one of us is therefore responsible for serving as brand ambassadors — building and reinforcing that brand through the words and visuals we use every day.”

You can view the video here or bookmark the link and share with your teams.

To view and download the tip sheet, click here.

— Kate Faye