In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a few Keck Medicine of USC employees recited a portion of Dr. King’s most famous speech, “I Have a Dream,” and shared their vision for Keck Medicine.

In an email to the Keck Medicine community, the Diversity & Inclusion Executive Steering Committee wrote, “Dr. King said, ‘I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.’ Through these words, we are reminded of a path forward and how to discover hope in the midst of all that surrounds us. We must care for one another. We must honor the stories of one another. And we must respect our differences.

“To honor the legacy of Dr. King, let us recommit ourselves to care for each other. Know that the leadership of Keck Medicine is committed to addressing both the systemic and interpersonal issues that impede equality for all.”

Watch the full video here.