Skeletal muscle grown in a dish offers new insight for neuromuscular diseases

Neuromuscular diseases are debilitating and mostly incurable, affecting 160 out of every 100,000 people worldwide. Disorders such as ALS and multiple sclerosis impact the function of muscles, causing muscle wastage and loss of motor function. A major hurdle in the Read More »

September 28th, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Can we improve exercise treatment for rotator cuff rehabilitation?

There are 400,000-500,000 rotator cuff repairs performed in the United States each year.

Nearly 65% to 80% of these patients report feeling better with post-surgical exercise treatment, but that improvement can be short-lived, with another 40% to 50% of that group later Read More »

September 27th, 2021|Announcements|

Jon Reuter named chief of operations for Keck Hospital

Jon Reuter has been named chief of operations for Keck Hospital of USC, administrators announced recently. He begins Oct. 11, according to a memo released by Marty Sargeant, interim CEO of Keck Medical Center of USC.

“With 15 years of health Read More »

September 24th, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Federal funding for Alzheimer’s multiplies at USC

USC’s bench is deep and its scope is wide when it comes to research on Alzheimer’s disease.

In Paul Thompson’s lab, researchers query a vast trove of brain images and DNA from all over the world to glean Read More »

September 24th, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Different types of cancers are likely to spread to specific areas of the brain, study finds

Brain metastasis occurs when cancer in one part of the body spreads to the brain. The lifetime incidence of such metastatic brain tumors in cancer patients is between 20%-45%, research shows.

A new study from USC Norris Comprehensive Read More »

September 23rd, 2021|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|