USC Verdugo Hills Hospital has reached a tentative agreement on a three-year contract with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). USC Verdugo Hills Hospital employees represented by SEIU include certified nursing assistants and lab technicians.

​“The collaborative efforts of all our faculty and staff enable us to provide beyond excellent medical care to our community, and we are delighted to continue doing so alongside our SEIU employees,” said Keith Hobbs, CEO of USC Verdugo Hills Hospital.

SEIU members are expected to vote to ratify the contract this month. If ratified, the contract will take effect through January 2019.

“Our agreement includes annual wage increases, additional paid time off and stronger financial support for additional training and education,” Hobbs said. “It serves the best interests of our employees while allowing us to operate efficiently in the increasingly competitive health care marketplace.”

The SEIU, which includes certified nursing assistants and lab technicians, represents 204 of USC Verdugo Hills Hospital’s 677 employees. The hospital has been in negotiations with the union since November 2015.

— Mary Dacuma