Physicians, staff and nurses from across Keck Medicine of USC are invited to pledge their commitment to a new set of standards that will guide professional behavior across the academic medical enterprise.

The Keck Commitment is based on three pillars: excellence, judgment and respect. Respect is the cornerstone of the commitment and guides the pursuit of excellence in the workplace. These pillars will define the workplace culture of Keck Medicine for years to come.

Signing events will be held on Tuesday, June 21 at the Keck Hospital of USC lobby, Wednesday, June 22 at the USC Norris Cancer Hospital lobby and Thursday, June 23 at the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital lobby.

The Keck Commitment is an unwavering belief in the collective empowerment that comes when civility is fostered across our health care organization,” said Tom Jackiewicz, senior vice president and chief executive officer, Keck Medicine.

“The Keck Commitment is an institutional promise to promote professionalism in the workplace, regardless of what challenges come our way,” Jackiewicz said. “This is a commitment to ourselves, each other and our patients.”

The Keck Commitment was developed collaboratively by the Committee of Champions — a multi-disciplinary group of professionals across Keck Medicine — and based on ideas shared by staff on the Art Wall during Professionalism Week in October.

The project to create a set of professional standards grew out of discussions among Keck Medicine physicians and administrators regarding the benefits of strengthening a professional culture across the organization.

During signing events held at Keck Hospital of USC, USC Norris Cancer Center and USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in June, staff signed their names under the commitment, pledging to uphold the professional standards of Keck Medicine of USC.

— Douglas Morino