Rohit Varma, MD, MPH, dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, was honored at the 2017 Los Angeles Champions of Health Awards, held June 20. The awards are presented by the National Medical Fellowships (NMF), which recognized Varma with the Innovation in Medicine Award, given to individuals and organizations who exemplify the group’s mission — making an impact on diversity in health care.

In the award letter, NMF stated, “As an accomplished physician, scientist, principal investigator of the Los Angeles Latino Eye Study, the Chinese American Eye Study, the Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Diseases Study and the African American Eye Disease Study, your involvement in the development of novel implantable intraocular pressure sensors and drainage devices exemplifies why you are recognized globally as a visionary leader in epidemiology — studying community health in vulnerable minority populations, and makes you a wonderful example of the type of leader our young scholars seek to emulate in their professional ideation.”

In receiving the award, Varma said, “It is an honor to have been chosen for the NMF Innovation in Medicine Award and I accept on behalf of the Keck School. The award acknowledges the faculty and staff of the Keck School of Medicine who have ensured that our diversity has grown exponentially in each of the last three years. In our most recent class, one in four is an underrepresented in medicine minority student. NMF shares our commitment to providing opportunities for our underrepresented students as well as providing care to our underserved communities. I look forward to our continued partnership towards our common goals in the years to come.”