When it comes to managing cystic fibrosis (CF), Greg Storm, a lifelong CF patient, knows that exercise can be the most important step. Regular exercise helps CF patients reduce the rate of lung function loss and helps improve healing from lung infections.

While Keck Medical Center of USC has a gym where hospitalized CF patients can work out, some were afraid to use it because of the risk of being exposed to germs.

Storm, a member of the CF patient advisory committee at Keck Hospital of USC, said the patients let it be known how much they would benefit from the purchase of a state of the art disinfection system to use in the medical center’s Cystic Fibrosis Gym.

Patients recently got their wish when two organizations, The Webb Foundation and The Bob and Margrit Gold Trust, together purchased a germ-killing robot to clean the gym’s equipment. The Webb Foundation donated $50,000 and The Bob and Margrit Gold Trust gave $40,000 to buy the robot, which uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses and spores without contact or chemicals.

“Knowing that the gym is safe from infection is a huge thing for us,” said Storm.

The Webb Foundation and The Bob and Margrit Gold Trust have teamed up before to help Keck Medicine’s CF patients. They combined last year to build the gym for CF patients at Keck Medical Center.

Both organizations have an interest in helping people with CF. The founders of the Webb Foundation, Lew and Dorothy Webb, have a granddaughter, Nikki Adams, who has been a CF patient at Keck Medicine. The founders of The Bob and Margrit Gold Trust had two sons who died of CF in the 1960s.

Steven Tyre, CPA, trustee of the Bob and Margrit Gold Trust, said helping people with CF is an honor. “There’s not a braver, tougher bunch of human beings around,” said Tyre.“If I can help a man like Greg Storm enjoy a longer, healthier life, what more could I ask for.”

— Hope Hamashige