Wendy Hsiao always brightens up a bit before stepping into an exam room with a parent and child, which is initially what drew her to pediatrics. And knowing the work she is doing will impact the ability of children to achieve their full potential continues to motivate her, even when working long hours. Hsiao will continue this love of pediatrics when she begins her residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles this summer.

Growing up in Southern California, Hsiao attended UCLA as an undergraduate. While visiting the Keck School, she felt the students and faculty seemed incredibly well-rounded and supportive. Once enrolled, Hsiao was relieved to discover that the assumptions she had about Keck School culture were correct.

Hsiao is involved in a variety of organizations that have offered her formative leadership experiences, including the USC Student-Run Clinic, which delivers care to low-income and homeless patients in the community. She even helped get a new clinic site up and running.

She also is involved with Keck Peer Support, a peer-counseling program. One of her proudest achievements is her work with MedMeals, which she helped start with Keck Peer Support. MedMeals are small group dinners hosted in the homes of students and faculty, with the goal of helping students connect with others, further growing the medical school’s cohesive and supportive community.

Hsiao is a member of the Keck School a capella group Chorda Tympani and performs for patients at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center. She also is a member of the Keck Music Society, which has allowed her to connect with others who are passionate about performance. Hsiao’s love of performance will be displayed once again when she sings the national anthem at this year’s MD and MD/PhD commencement ceremony.

— Cynthia Smith