Amgen recently entered into a three-year master research collaboration with USC. The agreement consists of a set of pre-defined terms and conditions in order to facilitate and streamline early discovery and translational preclinical research collaborations. It supports Amgen and USC’s shared interest in advancing basic biology discovery and strengthening relationships between academia and industry.

“Going back to its early days, Amgen has had a strong relationship with USC as a result of its close proximity, talented researchers and advanced research facilities,” said David Reese, MD, senior vice president of translational sciences at Amgen. “There have been a variety of collaborations between the two organizations over the years, which Amgen and USC expect to continue. This is why we created this master agreement.”

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with Amgen and developing a longer-term strategic collaboration integrating the expertise of USC biomedical research with the R&D capabilities of Amgen,” said Randolph Hall, PhD, vice president of research at USC. “Our collaboration with Amgen is aligned with our commitment to advancing biomedical research in Los Angeles.”

All USC researchers and clinicians are invited to apply with proposals focused on preclinical research. For more information, researchers are encouraged to contact Vasiliki Anest,, at the USC Stevens Center for Innovation, or visit

— Cristy Lytal