Training physical therapists to be advocates, too

Last summer, Ashley Wallace took a deep breath as she stepped into Assembly member Patrick O’Donnell’s office.

“I was incredibly nervous,” she recalled. “I had been preparing to make sure I knew each detail of any issue or bill we might Read More »

January 16th, 2019|Announcements|

USC Stem Cell acquires two instruments to advance state-of-the-art cell sorting

When it comes to sorting cells or other small particles, there’s no better place to do so than USC. The university’s Flow Cytometry Facility recently acquired two top-of-the-line cell sorters, the BD FACSymphony and the BioRad S3e, thanks to generous Read More »

January 15th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

NIH awards $1.69 million to study arthritis and aging

What causes joints to age, lose their regenerative capacity and succumb to arthritis, and how can we slow this process? To address these questions, the National Institutes of Health have awarded a $1.69 million research project grant to investigator Read More »

January 15th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Alzheimer’s researchers find new culprit and potential treatment target for disease

Leaky capillaries in the brain portend early onset of Alzheimer’s disease as they signal cognitive impairment before hallmark toxic proteins appear, new USC research shows.

The findings, which appear in the Jan. 14 issue of Nature Read More »

January 14th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

New USC physician: Stay healthy by focusing on prevention and balancing your life

New USC physician Vladimir Ayvazyan brings his internal medicine expertise to USC Student Health as its newest physician.

His compassion for helping others and giving back to the community is what inspired him to be a doctor. Disease prevention and treating Read More »

January 11th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|