The family and friends of Derek Seehausen, a Keck School of Medicine of USC student who has been missing since Aug. 5, gathered on the Health Sciences Campus for a press conference on Sept. 12 to publicize the search and discuss recent leads.

At the event, Seehausen’s mother, Jean Godra, and private investigator Thomas Martin, announced two promising leads in the investigation into Seehausen’s disappearance. The Los Angeles Police Dept. released a photo taken on a metro bus on Sept. 5 that bears a striking resemblance to Seehausen.

They added that there was a sighting in a San Diego suburb a few days later, which seemed credible because the person described his gait as a “shuffle,” which Seehausen sometimes did because of a chronic foot problem.

Martin noted that Seehausen often visited San Diego to surf and, before his disappearance, shared with friends that he planned to be in San Diego around the time of the sighting.

For more information, visit  Anyone with information regarding Seehausen is asked to contact the LAPD Adult Missing Person Unit at (213) 996-1800.

— By Hope Hamashige