Food as medicine? Scientists get closer through nutrigenomics

One day, you may walk into your doctor’s office and come out with a diet that’s been personalized for your unique genetic makeup. Your “prescription”: nutritional recommendations tailored to your DNA.

Nutrigenomics is a field still in its infancy but it Read More »

June 17th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Study: Identifying colorectal cancer subtypes could improve treatment

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., expected to cause about 51,000 deaths in 2019. But until now, it was unclear which drugs were most effective for which patients.

Researchers at the USC Norris Read More »

June 14th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet, Press Page|

Half-century alumni mark milestone, join 50 Year Fellows Society

It was October 2015 and Anthony Sanchez was thrilled — the acceptance letter he sought above all others, to the Keck School of Medicine of USC, had arrived. His lifelong dream of being a physician would come true; now, like every Read More »

June 13th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|

Pharmacy lab’s former intern exploring interests as USC undergrad

You could certainly call Bethany Chen a chemist. Or a robot programmer. She’s definitely a computer scientist. Don’t forget about hip-hop dancer, philosopher and black belt expert in hapkido.

A longtime science enthusiast, the rising sophomore at USC has interests that Read More »

June 13th, 2019|Announcements|

New grant will support training clinicians to care for vulnerable populations

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded a team at USC $1.5 million to enhance primary care training for physician assistant students, in an effort to support future clinicians to work with vulnerable populations, support wellness in providers, Read More »

June 12th, 2019|Announcements, Keck Net Intranet|